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Do you need to have any printing job done on time??  Our Bangkok office would like to offer our printing services to you as per your specifications.  Here are some of our products:

- Catalouge [ แคตตาลอก]                   - Posters [โปสเตอร์]                  - Postcards [โปสการ์ด]
- Invitations [บัตรเชิญ]                      - Brochures [แผ่นพับ]                 - Book [หนังสือ]
- Letterhead [หัวจดหมาย]                   - Envelopes [ซองจดหมาย]           - Business Card [นามบัตร]
- Folder [แฟ้มเอกสาร]                        - Design [ออกแบบ]                    - Magazine [นิตยสาร]
- Newsletters [จุลสาร]                      - Shrink Label + PVC                 - Barcode label
- Sticker label                                - plastic bag, shopping bag        - export corrugate carton
- ink jet in & out door                      - hologram- plastic card
- security card                               - all other printing matters


Please contact our bangkok office if you are looking for reliable source with reasonable pricing.

Tel: 0851304640