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JOYCE Gel For Men contain extracts from Butea superba, an endemic herbal plant of Thailand. It is enriched with flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside, which are compounds proved to exhibit vasodialating effect. It can improve and increase blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis, which cause more blood flowing in and less flows out, making the penis larger and causing an erection plus help erection to reach maximum size. Also, help strengthen the muscles and nourish the skin condition. As a result, JOYCE gel can enhance menís sexual performance, sensitivity and boost up self-esteem for the gentlemen.
Most men will notice a difference as early as 14-16 days, you will see increased sexual desire, increase erectin size, enhanced sexual pleasure and Harder, Longer Lasting Erections. 

      Butea superba
extracts, Vitamin B 3 & B 5, Centella asiatica extracts, Horsetail extracts, Cucumber extracts, Allantoin. 

United States Patent Items (Patent Number: 6,673,377, Jan. 6 2006)