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with extract of Pueraria mirifica of Vichai-3 breed
 Pueraria mirifica is a kind of herb in tropical zone of Thailand. According to the Thai tradition medicine, it roots were used to make tonic for prolong life, skin care and tighten the breasts. In present, there are several continuous research and it is found that extract of Pueraria mirifica of Vichai-3 breed is able to produce specific substance and reaction higher than other breeds. All related data is tested and observed from lot of volunteers until its efficiency is provable and no any side affects.
Riches with miroesterol, deoxymiroesterol and isoflavonoid which are phytoestrogen or natural substance with its chemical structure similar to estrogen hormone, anti-radicle and slow down collagen destruction, revive wrinkle skin to become flexible, healthy and beautiful. Improve skin to be soft and light. In addition, the extract from Pueraria mirifica can inhibit melanin formation or pigment of skin cell to leave white and young looking breast skin.
Joyce is one pride of Loxley Trading Co., ltd. because its quality and safety guaranteed of Pueraria mirifica Vichai-3 Breed which is successfully passed the serious test from Assoc.Prof. Vichai Cherdcheewasart, Ph.D., the first class specialist in Pueraria mirifica who received patent from USA. Joyce is the global acceptable breast cream with its provable quality and efficiency with no any side affects

United States Patent Items (Patent Number: 6,673,377, Jan. 6 2006)