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Aromatherapy Bath & Massage Oil
Plants Oil, Natural Essential Oil and Vitamin E

To treat yourself after a long day with aromatherapy bath by adding the oil in water, soak in and let the skin absorb vitamins and minerals from the oil. Rinse off and towel dry. Or it will be even more comforting when massaging with this Aromatherapy Bath & Massage Oil.
Olive Oil: Helpful in treating muscular and joint pain, constipation, fatigue, hypertension and rheumatism. Good for dehydrated and irritated skin.
Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein. Thus, it is revitalizing and nourishing to the skin. Especially good for dry, sensitive and irritated skin
Grapeseed Oil: Contains vitamins, protein and minerals, valued for is anti-oxidant property. Jojoba Oil: Similar to human selebum, a natural oil excreted around hair follicles; excellent moisturizer
Coconut Oil: Popular use in skincare products for its emollient property
Vitamin E: Well known for the antioxidant property, to slow down the aging process of the skin.

MO 001 Citrus

MO 002 Tropicana

MO 003 Sweet Dream

MO 004 Oriental Herbs