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Herbal Ball/Herbal Compress

The "Luk Pra Kob" is the name of a treatment that uses a round herbal ball of special herbs. According to historical evidences, it has been used in Thailand for over 400 years. The right blend of medicinal herbs is wrapped in cotton and applied to the body when it is warm to:
  relieve pain, inflammation, swelling, bruises
 improve circulatory system, vein problems, blood clot, cramp
 relieve rheumatism problem, muscle & joint pain
 help with stomachache due to gas in the stomach
 relieve skin irritation
 nourish and moisturize the skin
 clear the nose when inhaling the smell

To gain the most benefits from the Herbal Ball is to use it when the herbs are fresh. Unlike many others, we do not dry up the herbs. Instead, we use fresh herbs, sterilize and pack them in a can to preserve the values of the herbs.